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High-quality Electrical Services

We are your trusted New England’s electricians dedicated to providing top-notch electrical solutions. With years of experience and knowledge and a commitment to safety and excellence, we are your go-to choice for all your electrical needs.


Our professionals offer lighting design consultations to determine suitable indoor and outdoor lighting that enhances the aesthetic of the space. The service specifies placement, color temperature, and brightness of fixtures. We also offer installation and repair services. To meet safety regulations, the aim is to create a functional and visually appealing space.

Upgrading and repairing outdoor wiring is crucial for safety and functionality. Outdated wiring can cause fires and power outages, while newer wiring can improve the efficiency and reliability of outdoor electrical components. Castro Electric provides proper and safe upgrades and repairs to provide you with peace of mind and enhance the property’s overall safety and functionality.

Installation systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of each home, including motion sensors, cameras, and alarms. These systems can be programmed to send alerts to homeowners or law enforcement agencies in the event of an intrusion. Let us provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is safely monitored. 

The safety and smooth functioning of electrical systems should not be compromised. Our professional electricians are trained to assess the electrical wiring requirements of a new home and install the necessary wiring to meet the building code standards.

Landscape lighting enhances outdoor spaces and safety. It can illuminate pathways, buildings, trees, and water features, and create ambiance in entertainment areas. Options include LED lights, solar lights, and wired systems. LED lights are energy-efficient and low-maintenance, while solar lights are sustainable. Colors and lighting effects vary from soft to bright. With proper design, landscape lighting creates a stunning outdoor oasis for daytime and nighttime enjoyment.

Upgrading lighting can significantly reduce energy usage, lower costs, and improve the overall quality of the lighting in a building.

You might be able to qualify for a FREE Lighting Upgrade through National Grid! 

When it comes to emergency 24/7 electrical repairs, time is of the essence. A sudden power outage or electrical malfunction can not only be frustrating but also dangerous, leaving your business without heat, light, or disrupting production.  Castro Electric’s technicians respond quickly and efficiently and can help you avoid costly and more significant damage.

Replacing old or faulty electrical wiring with new and safer ones can save you money and help efficient production.

Castro Electric helps ensure a safe and reliable electrical system in your home or workplace. Our qualified electricians will be able to assess the electrical load requirements and recommend the appropriate size and type of circuit breaker for your system.

Security cameras installation is a crucial part of safeguarding your property, whether it’s your home or business. These cameras are excellent at deterring intruders or catching them in the act. The installation needs to be carefully planned and executed to ensure optimum coverage and functionality. Contact us or learn more about our services here

Proper wiring of transformers and equipment is essential in ensuring safety, efficiency, and longevity of electrical systems and equipment. It is crucial for us to follow proper codes and standards for wiring, such as ensuring proper grounding, proper gauge wire for the electrical load, and use of appropriate protective devices such as circuit breakers. 

Are you tired of high energy bills? Switch to solar power with our expert solar panel installation services. Our team of licensed and certified electricians will assess your property and design a solar power system that meets your energy needs and maximizes savings. As a company dedicated to sustainability, we use only the highest-quality solar panels and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. Plus, take advantage of generous tax incentives and rebates for installing solar panels on your property. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save money on energy bills or a business owner interested in reducing their carbon footprint, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our solar panel installation services.

Clients Who TRUST US

René was extremely professional and friendly, and the work performed was of good quality. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an electrician.

Harrison L.

We have worked together on many projects, large and small, and they have all been done professionally and quickly.

Mike W.

Fast, professional repair service on a Saturday! I will definitely use Castro Electric again.

Donald M.


Image of a client's Kitchen Lighting project before it was startedKitchen-Lighting-After_IMG_5250

Kitchen lighting upgrade with recessed lights and beautiful light fixtures throughout client’s home

Landscaping Lighting in Billerica, MA

Kitchen lighting upgrade and recessed lights throughout client's home

finish on a addition completed in Braintree, MA

Recessed Lights Finish on an Addition in Braintree, MA

Photo of a Studio Lighting, Before the Upgrade in Wakefield , MAStudio Lighting Upgrade in Wakefield, MA

Studio Lighting Upgrade in Wakefield , MA

This beautiful house had its bathroom and kitchen updated and upgraded with modern light fixture like this mirror throughout the house

School Lighting Upgrade

School Lighting Upgrade

Stairs Lighting installation in Topsfield, MA

Stairs Lighting Installation in Topsfield, MA-

Detailed Lighting & Fixture Installation in Topsfield, MA-

Detailed Lighting with Beautiful Fixtures Installations throughout a house in Topsfield, MA-

Lighting retrofit in Charlestown, MA No money out of pocket!

Lighting retrofit in Charlestown, MA No money out of pocket!

This Beautiful Condo in Charlestown was Modernized with New LED Recessed Lights Throughout

This Beautiful Condo in Charlestown was Modernized with New LED Recessed Lights Throughout

Bathroom Recessed Lighting & Light Mirror Installation

Bathroom Recessed Lighting & Light Mirror Installation

Detailed Lighting In Topsfiled, MA

Wiring and Electrical System Upgrade


Whether it's residential, commercial, a new lighting system, adding electrical equipment, or solar panel installations, we provide versatile experience in all aspects.

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